Monday, January 10, 2011

Yummy chocolate chip pumpkin cake & machine quilt binding

This is what is left of the chocolate chip pumpkin cake I brought to dinner at my aunt and uncle's house last night.
It was absolutely delicious.  I did a little modification to suit my dietary issues (NO NUTS!!!) and put the layer with the melted chocolate in it on the bottom of the cake instead of the top (I was feeling lazy and melted the semi-sweet chips I had leftover instead of using unsweetened chocolate), but I thought it turned out awesome.  Here's a link to the recipe.

On a separate note, the quilt is DONE!!!  Photos of the finished product will be forthcoming.  I did my first ever machine binding and it turned out pretty great (my expectations were very low).  I turned the binding under like I normally would if sewing it on by hand and then machine stitched a decorative stitch over it.  Here are some photos:

Now I'm off to cook dinner and then I have an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym tonight to help me come up with a plan.  It's a new adventure everyday, right?

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