Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adios unfinished projects!

I took some steps today to start working on my 2011 goals.  First, I reached out to my Well Trained Mind Forum sisters to see if anyone had any suggestions for a daily devotional to get me started on my goal of getting closer to God.  BeckyFL directed me to where I found the Bible Pathways devotional.  This is just what I was looking for.  There's also a whole variety of other daily devotionals that are available that I am looking forward to perusing when I have more time.  I found it very interesting that today's Day by Day devotion was discussing the feeling of accomplishment.  The Bible verse that was cited was John 17:4 when Jesus was talking to God the Father --- "I glorified Thee on the earth, having accomplished the work which Thou hast given Me to do."  So what does God want me to accomplish here on earth this year?  That's something I'd like to ponder more.

Speaking of accomplishment, I started working on completing all those unfinished projects that have been plaguing me.  At the end of this year I want to say to myself, "See---you did get something done!"  I went with Red to Joann and bought a sterling silver jump ring to fix my broken necklace.  The Cobbler bought it for me the Christmas after Tom Thumb was born and I wore it a lot.  Being a baby at the time, Tom Thumb was obsessed with touching it.  He pulled right off my neck several times and the last time it happened the jump ring was lost.  Now it's as good as new.  Yay!

The other project that I took upon myself today is a quilt that I started at a quilting retreat in February 2009 for my nephew's first birthday that was in December 2009.  Well, he's 2 now and still doesn't have the quilt.  I did some piecing work to it today so now the quilt top is complete (woo hoo---it's a New Year's miracle!).  I still need to quilt it and bind it.  I bought some material to back it with at Joann along with some variegated thread for machine quilting it.  I'll post photos when it's done.  I'm shooting for completion by February 12th which is the date of this year's quilt retreat so I can show it off to my quilter friends before I ship it to my nephew.  In the meantime, here's a sneak preview:
I have oodles of other projects to work on, like scrapbooking the photos of our pre-kids 2004 trip to Italy.  Unfortunately, I quit at day #3 of our two week trip sometime around when Red was born.  In spite of my past project procrastination, today made me feel good.  Hopefully, more days like this one are around the corner.

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