Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 Goals

I hate writing New Year's resolutions.  Hate them.  I always feel like I'm setting myself up for failure because in the past they've always been so unrealistic.  Like the year I said I would go to the gym everyday.  Yeah, that was realistic.

This year I wrote up some goals the other day that point in the direction I want to go.  Will I accomplish all of them?  Probably not.  On the other hand, it's always nice to have a path laid out in front of you so that if you find yourself getting off track you can just say, "Hey self!  The path's over here!  Why are you out walking in the weeds by that lake?  You're going to fall in!!!"

So---for better or worse, here are my goals for this year.
In the ideal 2011, I am:

Healthy - I am managing my illness.  I am planning healthy meals and snacks for my family.  I am exercising at least 3 days per week.  We just bought a 3 month membership at the local rec center so I'm planning on taking the kids 2 days a week to swim (one of those times is for their swim lesson and once for just fun).  I'd like to make it over one other time on my own before they get up in the morning.  I have an appointment with the trainer on 1/10 to come up with a realistic workout that accommodates my knee injury.

Happy - My husband and I are close and are going on a couple of date nights per month.  I am planning time each month to spend with friends.  I am spending less time on the computer and watching TV and more time living my life.  I'd like limit recreational computer time to 30 minutes (with allowing extra time for listing things on eBay or doing household related items) and limit TV time during the week to 1 hour per day.

Getting to know God - I am spending time daily in study, prayer, and meditation.  I am committing one hour per week to a cause I am passionate about.  I will find a church situation with which I can be content.  I will continue to teach Sunday School and write for the prison ministry.  I will commit myself to listening for God's voice in my daily life.  I will plan family devotions.

A good example for my children - I want to feel like my kids would be great adults if they modeled my behavior; therefore, I need to think more before I act or open my mouth.  Continue to teach them and read to them.  I want to give them opportunities to try new things and have new experiences without being pushy.  I want to give my children equal individual attention.

Pursuing a personal goal - I want to establish a meaningful goal so at the end of the year I can celebrate a tangible achievement.  Some ideas are pursuing publication for my children's book, getting family scrapbooks up to date, and starting a trip fund so we can go on a big vacation in 2012.  I'd also like to finish the quilt I started for my nephew's birthday 2 years ago.  Unfinished projects be gone!

Now that I'm reading all this back, I must admit I feel a little bit overwhelmed.  I know in my heart though if I break it into baby steps I can accomplish more than I imagine.  Here's to a 2011 that brings success, accomplishment and beautiful blessings to all!

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