Thursday, January 13, 2011

I got out of bed and...

...exercised again this morning.  It took about a 10 minute pep talk to convince myself that I would survive exiting the warm bed.  The workout was a little easier this morning in the beginning (I did the Level 1 from The 30 Day Shred like yesterday).  I was able to get through the push ups, but still struggled with the strength training part of the 3rd circuit.  Swaying back and forth from leg to leg while lifting weights up to my eyeballs is just not happening...yet.

I then dug into "the pile".  Everyone has one.  I realized our pile needed help last night when I called our new HMO to figure out what I needed to do paperwork/referral wise so I could go to my follow up appointment with the gastroenterologist next week worry free.  During the phone call I asked the woman I was speaking with if we had to do a health assessment this year.  She said, "Yes, you do.  You should have received the paperwork in the mail.  Do you have it?"  I didn't.  I said, "Do you know the kind of people who have the huge pile of stuff on their kitchen counter and they have no idea what's in it?  We're those people."  I waded through the pile for about an hour this morning and still haven't found the paperwork she was talking about.  Luckily, we can download it from their website.  All I know is that the pile needs to go!

I threw out, recycled, and shredded a lot of it this morning, but there's a lot more to sort out.  I'm creating a family of pack rats!  Red was carefully watching everything I threw into the recycling bin so she could decide if she wanted to garbage pick it.  Her new favorite TV show is Artzooka (it's Canadian---we happen to get it since we're so close to the border), which is a thorn in my side in terms of being able to throw anything away without it being scrutinized for any possibility of becoming part of one of her art works in progress.  Her last project she made included a Krispy Kreme coffee cup filled with navy beans with the top closed off with plastic wrap.  The cup was then glued to a piece of construction paper.  That paper was then connected to a rainbow made of alternating blue and yellow strips of paper.  Finally, the rainbow was connected to another sheet of construction paper on which was taped an empty Scotch tape roll topped with a pencil.  It got ruined when she and Tom Thumb decided to pour water on it to see if the paper would change color.  I wish I had taken a photo of it before it became a crazy mess.

We went skating this morning with some friends.  Red isn't taking skating lessons this year, but I think she may want to again next year.  She seems to really enjoy it.  Tom Thumb always says he wants to skate, but then cries when I take him on the ice.  He seems much more content to just open and close the doors into the rink, run up and down the bleachers, and push the buttons for the elevator and vending machines over and over.

The Cobbler is working late tonight so the kids and I will be feasting on some leftover Middle Eastern take out from last night.  Yum!  We always get the platter which is two grape leaves, two fried kebbie, chicken shawarma, tawook, kabob, kafta, shawarma , falafel, hommous, pita and Lebanese salad.  It costs about $25 and we can get at least two meals out of it.

I'm off to grab a rest before Red gets home from school!

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