Thursday, January 6, 2011


I agreed in the fall to be on the fundraising committee for Red's school's PTA.  I figured if we were going to be there for the year, I should help the school be able to have field trips...otherwise, there aren't any.

Time passes.  I don't hear anything from the chairperson.  I'm new so I figure that they met without me, she's got it under control, and I'm not concerned.  I go to the meeting in December and the PTA president freaks out because there isn't anything planned yet to raise money.  We plan a meeting for 1/5 so it's after the holidays.  The meeting was at my house last night.  We need to raise $6.390 in order to cover planned expenses.  This is what the four of us at the meeting last night planned:

Events & Expected Profits
January Bowling Event: $500-750
March BPA Free Bottle Sale (I'm coordinating this one through - $1000
Registering local grocery rewards cards to benefit the school - ?
Silent auction and 50/50 raffle at upcoming International Night- $500

We still need come up with an idea that will raise $3-4K before the end of the school year.  We thought of doing a book fair at Barnes and Noble (decided to plan this for closer to Christmas this coming school year) and doing restaurant nights in which the restaurant donates a percentage of the profits, but the max we'd make off those is probably a couple hundred bucks each.

We discussed doing a walk-a-thon, a talent show, and/or a dance, but we don't know when to plan those because the three of us there have either kindergarteners or 1st graders and no real history with the school.  We don't know when International night is, what it's about, if it's okay to raise funds at it.  Sigh...where is this money going to come from???

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