Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tough Day at the Office

Monday started out pretty standard.  I went to work out at the gym.  I came home, checked my email, wrote up an Easter blog post, and made the kids breakfast.  While changing over some laundry, I called my friend Maureen to discuss some PTA stuff.  Don't even get me started on that one.  Midway through the phone call there was a crash and some crying.  This happens so often around here it barely makes me blink anymore.  I told Maureen I'd call her back once I found out what happened.  Next thing I know Tom Thumb is running down the hall towards me with his face covered in blood.

My mama instincts kicked in.  I don't even remember getting the rag to cover the bleeding part of his head.  After I convinced him it would be okay if I took the rag away to look at his wound,  I peeked at it.  I have developed a remarkably strong stomach since having children (cleaning up a lot of poop and vomit over the years has helped), and I knew right away there would be some stitches or glue involved with this one.  I couldn't reach my mother so I repeatedly called the Cobbler's cell phone until he picked up and said, "I'm kind of running a meeting right now.  What's up?"  Needless to say, he was home in 5 minutes and holding Tom Thumb's head while I drove to the hospital.

Luckily, the ER was empty.  Seriously, who gets wounded at 930AM on a Monday?  Some nice paramedics wrapped up my little guy's head (he looked like a soap star with a head injury wrapped up in all that gauze) and helped him wash up.  He did look kind of comical wearing his silver sequin knight costume that was now covered in blood.  It looked like he'd been in a real battle.  I was so worked up that I didn't pay much attention while the doctor glued him back together, although when he revealed that he once glued a kid's eye shut when he was a resident that didn't give me a lot of confidence.

When we were on our way to Taco Bell (That seems to be our post ER ritual now.  The Cobbler told Red straight up that if she better not intentionally hurt herself to get a taco), the Cobbler said, "I was really worried about that doctor."  Apparently while I was off in mommy adrenaline la la land prior to the doctor's glue confession, the Cobbler said he had a case of the dropsies.  First, he dropped his clipboard on the floor.  Then, a pair of gloves.  Next, a container of antiseptic.  I said, "Well, did he at least do a good job with the glue?"  I hadn't been looking since I was holding Tom Thumb and keeping his hair off his forehead.  "He seemed to do okay with that," the Cobbler replied.  Hopefully he learned his lesson when he glued that other kid's eye shut.  I can't imagine the parents were very happy.

So Monday was pretty much shot.  No clean socks for you.  Of course, it's like it never happened.  The kids are still running and crashing into things, despite me yelling, "WALK!!!  You're going to give mommy a heart attack!"  They apparently don't mind that they're sending me to an early grave.


The Reader said...

Oh yikes! Glad Tom Thumb is better, and love that Taco Bell is the post ER tradition (but wow that you are in the ER enough to have a post ER tradition....).

We've had some scary bumps and bruises, but no stitches or glue yet. Mine haven't slowed down either, but let's hope it doesn't take stitches and glue to get us there....

Sock Monkey Mommy said...

OH NO!!!!!

Yesterday, Evie cut her foot on a glass she knocked over when she climbed up on the counter to get a sucker (I did not authorize this). I think it would have done well to have a doctor look at it, but I decided to "glue" it myself. No kidding. So what was her response after this? "Mommy, you really should get rid of your glass stuff. It could hurt someone!"

Prayers and kudos to you, my dear!