Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reading A Tale of Two Cities

I am currently reading this book for my book club which will meet on Wednesday, April 13th.  It's my own fault because I was the idiot (yes, IDIOT) who said, "Why don't we try some Dickens?"  On a discussion forum, I found this quote from a poster called spookymulder93 under the question "Is it normal having difficulty reading A Tale of Two Cities?"

This has got to be the hardest book I've attempted to read. 

I'm at chapter 3 now and from what I understand Both France and England have there problems and there are 3 dudes in a "mail" which I assume is some sort of horse drawn carriage who are going to Dover. Some dude shows up on horse back to deliver a message and the message he gets back confuses him. 

Am I on the right track? I plan on re-reading the chapters before I go to sleep tonight and now I have the convenience of having a dictionary at my side.

The opening line of the book is pretty good.

Well Spookymulder93, you have understood more than I have so far, dude.  My vocabulary is getting better everyday though.  Because I too have to read this book with a dictionary by my side, I now know the meaning of both blunderbuss and incommodiousness.  Don't you wish you knew too?  Ha ha.  Want to take bets on whether or not I'll finish the book?  I'm currently on page 66 out of 397.  I'm putting $20 on me.  :-)

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cholderby said...

I found it to be really slow to start but it does get better. I read it last year (for the first time!). I love Dickens but this one isn't a favorite. David Copperfield is so much better!