Friday, April 29, 2011

Far Far Away Quilt---Block #1

Yesterday I finally finished the first block for Red's Far Far Away Quilt.  Inspired by House of A La Mode's Princess and the Pea quilt, I decided to give the blocks the "wonky" treatment.  I think the playfulness of the fabric lends itself to being pieced together imperfectly.  My plan right now is to have the quilt made up of 12 18 inch blocks with solid sashing surrounding each block.  I can't decide what color I want that solid to be.  Initially I thought I would use orange or pink minky for the sashing, but now I'm not sure.  I think using the minky might distract from the blocks.  I thought about using white, but I don't know if white and Red will mix well.  I have visions of stains on the white part.  Maybe my fear is unwarranted.  Just FYI--- her room is painted sage green and there are bright pink curtains.  Here's a link back to her bed canopy.  What color sashing would you use?

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