Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Total Mom Makeover: Week 2, Day 3 and performing a book club miracle...

Hannah Keeley has stolen a page from the Flylady play book!  Not like Flylady has a monopoly on the word "zone" and decluttering for a limited period of time (Flylady has "You can do anything in 15 minutes" and Keeley has the "Ten Minute Tidy"), but it seems awful suspicious to me that the tasks for today involve dividing your house into zones and then decluttering the first zone for the rest of the week.

Because I have been a Flylady disciple on and off over the years, I already have my house divided into zones:

Zone 1: Foyer/Front Porch/Dining Room
Zone 2: Kitchen
Zone 3:   Bathrooms/Study
Zone 4: Bedrooms
Zone 5: Living Room/Family Room/Laundry Room

Even though I have gotten rid of so much stuff in the last year, we still have way too much.  As fast as I can get it out, more stuff comes in!  I just need to say no when someone offers me their crazy old Christmas vest (yes, this actually happened and yes, I took the vest...stupid, stupid, stupid).

Today I'm feeling pretty exhausted.  I committed to too much this week.  I spent the morning being Red's teacher's copy girl (2 1/2 hours of copying, labeling, and laminating), I fed Tom Thumb and put him down for his nap, and in one hour I have to pick up the carpool.  I have no food in the house...which brings me to book club.

I performed a miracle last night --- I hosted book club at my house without going to the grocery store first and only using what we had on hand from when I went shopping a week ago.  The one thing I was a little bit embarrassed that I didn't have was decaf coffee, but everything else came together.  I ended up baking my mother's plum kuchen and a batch of gluten free chocolate peanut butter cookies for my GF friend in the group.  Here's Tom Thumb helping with the cookies yesterday.  He's squishing them flat with a glass:
I had some raw carrots and broccoli and the ingredients for dill dip.  Then, I cut up some cheeses and served it with crackers.  The big winner that came out of this exercise was when I figured out something I could do with crescent rolls that didn't involve running out to purchase baby wieners.  I found this spinach pinwheel recipe and amazingly had all the ingredients!  Everyone loved them too!

I have some serious assessing I'm going to be doing over the next few days regarding afterschooling with the kids.  I'm hoping to have a plan together before the end of the week.

Here's to Wednesday!

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