Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The flower quilt is finished!

I've been living instead of computering (is that a word?  Ha!) this past week and as a result finished up the flower quilt this morning.  Here's some photos of the finished top (click on pictures to zoom in):

Here are a few close ups of the top.  I free motioned the top in a squiggly pattern using variegated thread that had the same colors as the blocks.

 Finally, here's a few photos of the back.  I did it in white and joined two pieces with a strip of the front fabrics joined together.  I did the same thing when I made the binding.  I used white bobbin thread so the quilting on the back isn't as obvious.  You can see the label I made in the lower corner in the first photo.

It's going in the mail today to its owner---a friend of a friend who will be starting chemo soon.
Hope your day is full of sunshine!


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The Reader said...

It's gorgeous! And I love the little squiggle down the binding!

Sock Monkey Mommy said...

WOW! You outdid yourself on this one!