Friday, January 13, 2012

Total Mom Makeover: Week 1, Day 5

Here I am five days in on this one and I'm thinking there is not enough meat to the assignments from the Total Mom Makeover to devote an entire post to them.  Maybe they'll get tougher?  I'm thinking of relegating them to the bottom of my post each day.  We'll see how it goes...

We're back to our four categories again today --- Home, Health, Family and Life.  Today you're supposed to write down some ways you may negatively respond to those areas and how to replace that response with a positive one.  Here are mine:

Home - My negative response: Making excuses for leaving things messy because the kids are just going to mess it up again.  Positive response:  Setting some reasonable goals for cleanliness each day.  If there's a little mess leftover, don't sweat it.

Health - I don't know how to respond to this one really.  I'm doing really well with going to the gym and menu planning right now.  I do get angry when my body starts behaving in ways that make no sense (e.g. last year I had some digestive issues that came out of nowhere.  Turned out I had developed an inability to digest tree nuts as an adult).  I'm going to try to be kinder and gentler to myself in this department.  I need to realize that other than exercising, putting good food in my mouth, and going to the doctor when sick, my health is out of my control.

Family - Negative response: Screaming on the inside.  Sometimes when the kids are dawdling and not listening, I feel my temper rising.  99% of the time I just get through it, but in my head I'm screaming "WHY!?!?!  ARGH!!!"  Not like this is totally awful (we all get mad, right?), but I think it might be more productive to take  a deep breath and close my eyes for 10 seconds.  Get refocused and move on with my day.

Life - Negative response:  Avoiding doing things.  When I get worn down, I go into serious avoidance mode. I find anything to do (i.e. surfing the net, watching TV, having a snack) to not do what I need to do.  Positive response: Take a break, but then do one small task to get myself back on track.

Your second task is to mentally rehearse the positive responses.  I always find suggestions like that a little hokey, but really I've found visualizing what I want to be very helpful.  Time to visualize the Legos all over my dining room being cleaned up...

On an entirely separate note, if you need a new bathing suit Victoria's Secret is doing their semi-annual sale right now.  I was able to get three bathing suit tops and two bottoms for under $50.  Why do I need so many?  First, nothing ever seems to fit me properly so I'm anticipating taking back some if not all of them.  Second, I go through bathing suits like water.  I guess it's because I swim a lot with the kids, but I need to replace my suit every year or I get baggy butt. :-)

Well, since I'm an insomniac tonight I'm actually off to bed for round #2.  I went to bed at a decent hour, but for some reason can't sleep.  It's now 435AM.  I normally leave for the gym at 545.  I'm off to grab a banana (the early morning munchies call!) and try to clock in one hour of sleep.  TGIF!

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Sock Monkey Mommy said...

I laughed right out loud when you talked about Victoria Secret's Semi Annual Sale. LOVE IT!

Maybe the reason you don't have as much to write is because you are a great woman, wife and mother; and as you go through this process it doesn't seem very difficult. Because you are already there.