Monday, October 17, 2011

Preschool Read Aloud of the Week: Sneaky Sheep

I can't tell you how many times I had to read this book to Tom Thumb over the last month.  He loves those Sneaky Sheep!  The plot is Rocky and Blossom (AKA The Sneaky Sheep) are intent on finding there way to a remote, yet luscious, looking meadow located on the side of a mountain above the valley in which they live.  They try many times to get there, but are each time foiled by Murphy the sheepdog.  On their final attempt (in this story at least), they are cornered by a sly fox on a precipice when Murphy saves the day once again.  At the end of the book, however, Rocky and Blossom are back to their sneaky ways and are plotting to escape to the other meadow once again.

The overall story in this book is pretty straight forward, but the illustrations are hilarious!  On one page the caption reads "Murphy knew a few things about Rocky and Blossom.  They had been known to make some bad decisions over the years."  The accompanying illustrations are of Rocky and Blossom cliff diving, skateboarding without helmets, launching a rocket, running with the bulls, juggling fire, lying on a railroad track sunbathing, and playing poker with a pack of dogs.  Other pages have similar smile inducing drawings.

We'll be looking for more Chris Monroe books next time we hit the library!

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