Friday, October 14, 2011

I finally finished A Tale of Two Cities!

Yes, my friends.  It happened.  An event so unlikely, so far fetched most (including me) thought it would never come to fruition.  And yet----IT DID! 

Believe it or not, I have been working at reading that book on and off since March!  It was my book club's pick for our April meeting.  I tried to finish.  I really did, but I just couldn't wade through all the archaic language.  I actually sat on the hostess's front porch for a spell with my glass of wine so I wouldn't hear any spoilers.  I tried until about June when I had to give the book back to the library, but I was undeterred.  

I checked it out again in late August, determined to try again.  Why did I do this?  I don't know.  I just didn't want to be defeated by a classic.  Yes, I have stopped reading books before, but only because they were pieces of garbage.  This one wasn't garbage so I had no excuse.  I wasn't going to be beaten.  I finally got on a roll at Tom Thumb's karate class Monday night.  The end was in the sight! The plot was ragingly good!  I kept thinking---why haven't they made this into a movie recently?!??!  There is a 1950s movie and a miniseries from 1989, but really it deserves a new take.  Maybe with Orlando Bloom as Charles and Ian Somerhalder as Sydney.  I don't know who as Lucie---Amanda Seyfried?  Rachel McAdams?  Penny from The Big Bang Theory?  Seriously now, the end was that good.  

Maybe that was my difficulty with the book.  There was all the plot building and all the character development to reach that awesome ending.  I guess I am truly impatient. 

So if you haven't read this book before --- give it a shot.  Go into it armed with a dictionary, several bottles of wine (not all at once people!) and low expectations for finishing it quickly.  You'll be glad you did!


Karen said...

Too funny! Glad you finished it. I've had a few books like that. Red Badge of Courage comes to mind....

Jenny said...

You are going to hate me, but I just read this in May when my husband and I went to London and Paris for out tenth anniversary. I actually finished the book on the Eurostar train going from London to Paris. That was quite the once in lifetime literary experience. :)