Monday, October 10, 2011

Hay, Hay and more HAY at the Annual Hayride!

For many years now, one of my high school friends Cherie and her husband Hass have hosted an annual hayride at a campground about an hour from our house.  They met there while camping with their parents during the summer when we were freshmen in high school---awwwwwww....  It has been an adults only affair in the past, but when they had to cancel last year because folks couldn't get a babysitter, they decided that this year they would include the kids.  The shelter they rented was close to the playground so the kids played until the pizza arrived.  Then after dinner, it was hayride time!

 It may look reasonably tame in the photos, but by the end I had a bra stuffed with hay just from Tom Thumb throwing it at me and it falling down my shirt!  I even found hay in my underwear when we got home!  Red said the hayride was "the most awesome time ever!"  

When we got back to the shelter, it was time for the Pass the Pumpkin (i.e. hot potato with a pumpkin) for kids and adults.  I won the women's round and the Cobbler was runner up for the men's round.  There was also a cupcake eating contest.  I participated, but had no hope of winning against the guys.  Hass actually wins every year (that man has some mad cupcake eating and whistling skills!), but since he's the host the runner up is always named the official winner.
Then, it was time for the pumpkin carving contest.  I thought Red and I rocked it with our entry above.  Unfortunately, we didn't have the lungs to be the winners (the winner was determined by cheering volume.  The winning family had a few more members than ours. :-), but we still had a great time!

Can't wait for next year!

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Sock Monkey Mommy said...

Ah yes, the peace sign. Red cracks me up! :)