Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look it's a flutterby...I mean butterfly!

One of our favorite Halloween traditions is trick or treating at a local history attraction called Greenfield Village.  This year was our 6th year and the kids love it!  You walk the pumpkin lined streets of the village that Henry Ford created from historically significant buildings, meet costumed presenters, and get treats on the way.  

This year Red decided to be a rainbow butterfly, while Tom Thumb told us he wanted to wear his dragon costume from last year again.  For Red's costume, I bought some rainbow wings on eBay and we attached some antenna made of glittery pipe cleaners to a princess headband she already had.  The one thing she really wanted though was to have her face painted.  After watching a few You Tube videos on butterfly face painting (isn't You Tube amazing?), I felt confident enough to give it a shot.  Here are the results:

She insisted that I be the mama butterfly so here's the baby and the mama!
Mama and baby posing in front of the house
At the last minute, Tom Thumb decided to be a train engineer instead!

A wizard at the Pixie Stix station
Most of the pumpkins are intricately carved, but this one was just a square.  Tom Thumb insisted that I take a picture of it anyway.
Red and Red Ridinghood
Red's favorite part --- the dancing skeletons!
The Cobbler and Tom Thumb
Me and the Halloween Centurion
The funniest time of the night was when we went through the treat station sponsored by McDonald's.  Ronald McDonald was there interacting with the kids.  He approached Red and said, "Look-it's a flutterby. I mean butterfly!" And then he turned to Tom Thumb who was riding in his stroller pushed by the Cobbler and said, "Hey, are you going to let him push you around like that?" Tom Thumb smiled and said, "Yes!"

We have three more parties to go to between now and the 31st, but in the meantime---

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