Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is the crown of Egypt?!?!

It's official----we've done our first lame craft from The Story of the World activity book.  We read part of chapter two yesterday about Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.  The one king was known as "the King with the White Crown" and the other king was known as "the King with the Red Crown."  The activity was to make your own white crown of Egypt.

Something you must know about me---I detest crafts that take skill beyond the grade level for which they are intended.  This is one of those crafts.  I had to do all the taping and sizing for the kids with the wax paper for the crown.  They got to crush up the paper to make the egg shaped item that sat inside the wax paper, but that was it.

Second, I hate crafts that have no value beyond the moment you make them.  These stupid hats were off their heads and trash worthy in less than 10 minutes.  Look at King Narmer's crown in this picture.  This is what the white crown of Egypt is supposed to look like:
Granted, Red wanted the pink crown of Egypt and Tom Thumb wanted the yellow crown of Egypt, but this is what we ended up with (for the 2 seconds that they lasted):

Oy---hope the upcoming crafts are better than this!

The Cobbler continues his crazy work schedule through Wednesday.  He worked yesterday and today, and he's been going at least 10 hours and up to 15 hours per day.  Who knows what I'll be doing to keep these monkeys entertained this week! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful job you are doing with my grandchildren. I am so lucky to have a daughter-in-law like you. I thank God every day that you came into my son's life.

Sock Monkey Mommy said...

You should have the kids do VBS at Dearborn Christian. That's where my girls are right now. :)

Julie said...

I agree with you, I can't stand "crafts" that don't serve some purpose or last only a day or so. We've done some of the projects in the AG (we are up to chapter 31 right now) and I admit that they have helped cement the idea or theme of the chapter into my boys' heads. They do get better and more fun as you go along (we loved the Nile river one!)

Dianne said...

You did better than I did, I couldn't even understand what this crown was supposed to look like by reading the description in the book. This is one we definitely skipped.