Sunday, June 5, 2011

Story of the World Ancient Times: An Archaeological Dig

I bought Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times and the accompanying activity book to use as part of Mommy Camp this summer.  I read the introduction chapter, How Do We Know What Happened?, to Red a while ago and told her what the activity options for that chapter were.  One of the options was doing an archaeological dig in your yard.  She has been on my case about doing it for a couple of weeks so yesterday after we got her sandbox filled with fresh sand I set it up.

First, I buried about a dozen items of various sizes to represent our civilization in the sandbox.  Next, I divided the sandbox into four quadrants so she could write down what she found in each section like a real archaeologist.
Then, the digging got underway.
She found a toy car first.
Then some money.
By then, our neighbor Justine came over to help.  I think part of the incentive was I told them they could keep any money they found in the box. :-)
Justine found some coins.
Then, Red's friend Siera came over to help too.
Here's what they found (not the snow shovel---just the stuff in it):
Justine cataloged it all for Red.
They found everything I buried except an eraser shaped like a piece of toast.  The girls said they'd find it later.  Then, they ran to get cooled off in the hose!

That toast eraser will probably be in the box now forever and become a real artifact.


The Reader said...

Oh, what fun!

Been debating the activity guide....maybe I'll have to get it after all.

Jenny said...

I've been debating wheter or not to get the guide too. We just bought the audio CD.

I think you have talked me into it! We are an Afterschooling family too.