Thursday, June 9, 2011

The butterflies are released...sort of

 Yesterday, Red decided it was time to release the butterflies.  She took the habitat to the backyard and opened the lid.  After a few minutes, this guy came out and fluttered away.
A few minutes later, another one flew off over the fence into our neighbor's yard.  Then, our poor friend with the crumpled wings decided it was dinner time.  Commentary is courtesy of our neighbors Justine and Kara.
It was very cool to see him eat.  This was the first time we had actually seen one of them really eating and not just standing on the orange.  I found the straw apparatus that they use to eat (the blacker line that looks like a leg) simply fascinating.

Then there were two.  I had to head off to book club, but the Cobbler told me later that eventually the last butterfly with the good wings flew off too.  Since he can't fly, Red decided to let our crumpled winged friend live out his life in the habitat.  And he seems content to do that.
On the scientific side, we'll be able to observe how long its life is and whether or not it lays eggs.  Unfortunately if it does lay eggs, we have nothing for the larvae to eat.  The instructions say in order for them to lay eggs they must have "a good supply of hollyhock, malva, nettle or thistle leaves," which we do not.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Here are some photos from Red's kindergarten graduation and picnic.  95 degree weather couldn't keep those kids down.  They did a song and dance, ate, and then ran all over the place.  Red was disturbed by the fact that some of the little boys took their shirts off, but I wouldn't let her take off hers.  I got a lot of "But why?" and "That's not fair."  Geez---I didn't think I'd have to deal with that one for a while.

Here they are before the song and dance.  Red is far right.
Then they graduated.  The lights are off because it was so darn hot.
Pizza time!
And now summer OFFICIALLY begins!


The Reader said...

Oh how cute!!

Good job on the butterflies; I think that's a successful project you had, and sweet you can keep the one little injured guy. Sounds like Red is a precious, sweet, tenderhearted little girl.

Carri said...

Grats to Red!