Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And then there were four...

Three more butterflies emerged from the chysalides yesterday.  We even captured one coming out on camera.  Take a look at the picture above with the butterfly standing next to the empty chrysalis.  Then, check out a different little guy pushing his way out of his in the video below:
And here he is with his friends after he finally got out the rest of the way:

It was a pretty awesome sight.  I'm not sure if the fifth chrysalis is going to open or not.  They all went into their cocoons at different times so we'll see.  We'll give him until tomorrow to come out.  We don't know how the one little guy got the bent wing.  He was the first guy to come out so he was either born that way, got the 5 year old girl squish, or got  injured when the cats initially whacked the habitat off the kitchen counter.  We'll never know...

We're planning on letting them go free on Thursday or Friday so they have an opportunity to experience the great outdoors before their life cycle ends.  Right now, the butterfly habitat is on top of the Cobbler's tall bureau in our bedroom.  If you even approach the habitat, the butterflies go crazy flapping their wings which drives the cats INSANE.  Pumpkin tried so hard to get them that I had to toss her butt out into the hall and shut the door.

Today is Red's class picnic so we've been busy baking cookies this morning.  I also took the purple out of my hair.  The extensions had grown out quite a bit (who knew my hair grew that fast?) so it was starting to get a little weird looking.  I easily got out the first five.  The last one took me about ten minutes to get out.  It just wouldn't let go!

Lots to do around the house today.  It is too easy to get behind!  Here's to a lovely Tuesday!


The Reader said...

So cool! enjoy the class picnic today!

Karen said...

Hi! Found your blog via the Wed. blog hop. Very cute.