Monday, May 2, 2011

Far Far Away Quilt---Block #2

Here's the second block in the Far Far Away quilt I'm making for Red.  I'm new to improv quilting so the freedom to just do whatever feels good was a little disconcerting at first.  I just wrapped up block #3 too (no photo yet) and I'm really enjoying the process.

On a separate note, I finally started getting the photos from 2007 in an album.  I'm giving the duplicates to Red to put in her own album.  I bought a Groupon last year for Picaboo that I need to use by July so I've got to get going soon!

Lots to do today so I must run.  Happy Monday!


The Reader said...

They both are so wonderful!!

Now, what I want to know -- did you figure out the sashing color yet?

And -- great job on those 2007 photos!! Way to go!

Fairy Tale Mama said...

Still haven't decided about the sashing yet. I'm leaning towards bright pink to match the curtains, but I really don't think I'll know until all the blocks are done. I've got lots of good suggestions to mull over. I think it was you and some one else who suggested brown. If it was for me, I think that would be an awesome idea. Considering it's for the 5 year old, I know she'd take one look at it and say "Brown?!?! Ick!" Pink or purple are always safe choices :-)