Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Caterpillars on Day 10: Upside Down!

It's hard to get a clear shot into the cup now, but four out of the five caterpillars have made it to the lid and are now hanging upside down.  Stay tuned for what happens next!

On a completely separate note (even though I shouldn't have because I have too many other projects going on), I ordered some fabric last night to reupholster the seat and back of a rocking chair.  Probably a year ago, my aunt and uncle asked if I would like this old wooden rocking chair.  The upholstered part is an ugly worn out brown tweed, but the chair itself is comfortable and has good bones so I took it.  Flash forward to now---it is still sleeping in our basement, covered with cat fur because the cats have claimed it as their bed.
See this chair?  I just bought some of the pink and red fabric that is on the arms, and I'm getting ready to buy some of the bird/floral fabric and some of the teal to recover the rocking chair's upholstery.  I am so inspired by the designer Anna Maria Horner.  Every time she launches a new line I want to buy it all!  This line is from a few years back so it's been tough putting all the pieces together (i.e. I should have bought it when it came out, but I resisted because I already have too much fabric.  Big mistake!), but it will be so awesome when it's done.  Now it I can only convince myself to work on some of the other projects I have underway. :-)

Hope everyone is having a delightful holiday so far!

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Carri said...

That chair rocks!