Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 11: Transferring the Chrysalides

The furry beasties finally turned themselves into chrysalides.  I read the instructions about how to get them out of the container and then began the process.  I lifted the lid off and then had the Cobbler hold the paper they are attached to while I picked the pieces of "silk" (e.g. the cobweb like stuff they made in the cup) off of them and the paper per the instructions.  Then came the fun part---the transfer into the butterfly house.  Here are some photos pre-transfer:

The Cobbler held them up so the kids could get a closer look.  Four of the caterpillars ended up attached to the paper.  One fell off and was lying inside the cup.  First, I pinned the paper with the four chysalides to the inside of the butterfly habitat.

Then, Red moved the fifth chysalid into the house.  You're supposed to put a napkin or paper towel in the bottom of the habitat and lay any "droppers" on top of it.  
 Then, all hell broke loose.  It said in the instructions that the chysalides may shake a little in order to "ward off predators."  What it didn't say is that they would writhe like they were possessed!  That chysalid had no problem warding off me and every other living thing in the vicinity!  Here's a video the Cobbler took after I jumped out of my skin and finally stopped shrieking.  Keep in mind---the thing was thrashing about much more prior to him taking the video footage.
Don't you love the kids giggling at their terrified mother? Here we are after we (or should I say "I") calmed down.
Now we wait seven to ten days for the butterflies to emerge.  


The Reader said...

Love it! I didn't realize they would shake around like that - yikes! Love the video, though. Enjoy!

Sock Monkey Mommy said...

Well, now, that is definitely not something I'm looking forward to! HA! It should be entertaining that when your butterflies have hatched, we'll be just getting our little caterpillars. :)

Carri said...