Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun at the Daddy Daughter Dance

The Cobbler and Red went to our city's annual Daddy Daughter Dance last night and had a blast!  The theme was "New York, New York".  Red's friend Stacy and her dad were there too.  She wore her pink sequined Christmas dress with a shirt underneath (because apparently it's itchy!).  We got some use out of her fake hair from last year's ballet recital too.  I'm so jealous---I wish the mommies could have gone!

 Daddy putting on Red's corsage.
 Red "pinning" on Daddy's boutonniere.
I finally learned how to do it properly by watching this Youtube video.

 And here they are at the dance---

This just cracked me up.  Here are the girls dancing to "Beat It".  And yes, that is Red doing the Michael Jackson "Woo!"

While they were at the dance, Tom Thumb and I went to Barnes and Noble.  We played with their train table and then came home and ate a bowl of Trix as a treat.  He seemed to like our "mommy son dance" too.

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