Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day #15 of 30 Days to a Simpler Life --- Design Simple Systems

Say it with me---HALF WAY THERE!!!
Day 15's task is:

Today seek, sort, and organize the keys to everything in your life---cars, boats, bike locks, gates, sheds, houses, and offices.  Purchase key labelers and rings and make duplicates, if needed.  Finally, create a place just for keys.  Install a rack or board with pegs or nails and label it so missing keys can be identified.  This system works well for duplicate and seldom-used keys.  For everyday keys, we have three suggestions: 1) Put a basket by the front door for family members to deposit their keys.  2) Hang a hook inside your entry door.  3) Provide each family member with his own complete set of keys. 

OR for serious simplifiers only...

Systematize everything you do repeatedly.  To find out what needs revamping, look for things you do randomly.  Before you design a system, ask yourself, "Can I eliminate this routine completely?"  Dropping a routine is the simplest system of all.  (30 Days to a Simpler Life, p. 100)

The rest of this particular chapter has some gems in it about setting up specific systems (i.e. shoes, toys, school papers and artwork, etc.) so if you've got a copy be sure to take a peek!

At our house, we don't really have an issue with keys---at least not most of the time.  For Christmas one year I bought the Cobbler a charging valet similar to this one.  Prior to that, he just chucked his keys where ever and I ended up helping him hunt them down almost every day.  Now when he gets home from work he puts them straight away on the valet.  I have an issue with losing mine though.  I try now to either just leave them in my coat pocket or purse so that I only have two locations to worry about.  Luckily, we only have those two sets of keys plus a key to our church to keep track of.  I can't imagine if I had a whole mess of keys!  It would be a mess for sure.

FYI---I wrote the text above last night before I went to bed, but today I'm sick (I won't get graphic, but for those of you who know me in real life I had one of my "episodes").  So I won't be writing anymore today.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be feeling better!


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon! I hope it wasn't the smoked Gouda. Tell "Red"that the letter was a big hit and to expect something in the mail soon.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Got my key hooks labeled and went through all the keys that were sitting in the drawer. Over a dozen opened nothing! Got rid of those! Here's the link to the result: