Thursday, April 1, 2010

We made it nearly 3 hours!

Yesterday was so deliciously warm (yay!) Red and I were outside from about 1-3PM while Tom Thumb was taking his nap.  We spent sometime swinging on the neighborhood communal swing set.  Then she jumped on the ever popular dead willow tree for a while.  Then she proceeded to lose one of my rings (just an old silver pinkie ring) inside said tree.  Luckily, we were able to retrieve it.  We raked our yard for a while.  Little did we know that we weren't supposed to do that since it had just been fertilized the day before.  Oops!  She also played outside for about a 1/2 hour while I was making dinner.  Then, Tom got up and we played for another 1/2 hour while waiting for the Cobbler to get home from work.  Overall, a successful day in terms of outdoor time.  We're moving in the right direction for sure.  Four to six hours, here we come!

On an unsuccessful note (well, I guess it's not unsuccessful, it's just I learned a valuable lesson), I pushed little Red too hard on her reading lesson.  I was trying to do the two review, one new method and it ended up going way too long and definitely beyond keeping her full attention.  It dragged on for about a 1/2 hour when I would like to keep it at 15 minutes.  It ended up being frustrating for both of us.  Lesson learned.  From now on I set a timer when we start.

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