Thursday, April 15, 2010

I finally placed the order!

I've had an ongoing illness that I'm still battling, but even being down I've managed to drag myself to the computer to place my long contemplated Rainbow Resource order.  I tried to buy our Rightstart math curriculum used from someone in one of the homeschooling groups I belong to and it didn't pan out.  There don't seem to be any used complete (complete is the operative word) Level A sets out there.  I saw one on eBay a month or so ago and didn't realize what a good deal it was at the time.  The bottom line is I finally just sucked it up and bought a new Level A starter set, the generic Rainbow Resource version of the manipulatives I needed for the Level B add on set (I already bought the Level B lesson book on eBay), some pencil grips, and three books by Stan Tekiela --- Wildflowers of Michigan (got this one on eBay), Trees of Michigan and Birds of Michigan.

Why did I buy both Level A and B?  First of all, Rightstart has a placement test and Red kind of straddled A and B.  I read some starting with A vs. B debate on The Well Trained Mind Forum, and it seemed to me that the folks who started with A were happier and thought their kids understood the concepts better.  Some parents even said that their kids raced through A in a few months and were able to go right into B.  That's why I decided to buy both and hopefully save myself some $$$ on shipping costs.  It seems to have very good resale value so if it doesn't work out I'm not worried.

I bought the Michigan field guides because I would really like to start doing some nature walks.  I thought it would be nice to be able to identify what we ran across.  I considered getting the accompanying CD for the bird book that has all the bird calls on it, but I figured I could always buy that later if birds really become our thing.

Finally, I got a couple different pencil grips for Red to try to hopefully correct her grip --- this one and this one.  I'm really hoping they accommodate my request and send purple and pink grips to make her happy. 

One more thing--- I have a book recommendation----> Carolinda Clatter by Mordicai Gerstein.
It is such a magical legend that this author wove.  We loved it!

More soon after the box arrives!

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