Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big improvement today...

We spent this morning with our homeschooling group at the park.  Another gorgeous day!  Red and Tom Thumb frolicked with the other kids on this giant play structure.  I think lil' Tom went non-stop for about two hours! 

When we got home, Red and I did a 15 minute only reading session and she breezed through both the lessons she struggled with during the frustrating 30 minute marathon yesterday.  This was definitely confirmation to me that sticking with the 15 minute lessons is the best bet in terms of keeping her attention.

We probably were outside today for about three hours again.  Not bad for a bunch of rookies trying to get back in the being outside game after being cooped up inside for 4 or 5 months.  After dinner we went to a skating exhibition at the rink.  Red was thrilled to watched the synchronized teams.  Tom Thumb was more interested in the zamboni.  Typical boy :-)

The Cobbler's off work tomorrow so hopefully we'll have another fun day.

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