Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making a Model of the Nile River

 Whenever we're not away from home on vacation, Red and I have been doing a Mommy Camp project nearly every afternoon while Tom Thumb is napping.  She is obsessed with Egypt!  Yesterday she asked if we could make a model of the Nile River, a project from chapter 2 (Egyptians Lived on the Nile River) from the Story of the World Ancients activity book.  This was an easy project.  All you need is an aluminum baking pan, aluminum foil, dirt, pebbles, and grass seed.

First, Red dug up some dirt from under our pine tree and put it in a tin baking pan.  Then she tried to shape the river bed similar to the Nile.
 The right end in the picture below is shaped more like a triangle because it's supposed to be the delta.  We lined it with two layers of tin foil so the river wouldn't wash out the banks made of dirt.
 Next, Red lined the river bed with pebbles to hold it down.
 Then, she sprinkled grass seed on the banks to represent the Egyptians' crops.
 Finally, it was time to flood the Nile!
And she flooded it good!
Now we wait and see if we get any lush crops of grass growing on our river banks. :-)

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Thank you!!! This helped so much!