Friday, July 29, 2011

Making a Cuneiform Tablet

Yesterday Red and I did the "Make Cuneiform Tablets" activity that goes along with The First Writing chapter from The Story of the World Ancients activity book.  She had been pleading with me to do it for several weeks, but we didn't have clay on hand.  Finally, I caved and we used Play Doh (which we do have) instead.  First, we checked out the key in the activity book for the symbols we wanted to use and wrote them out on a piece of paper to make copying them easier.

Then, we rolled out our Play Doh and used a straw to poke a hole so we can hang it up later when it's dry.
Pumpkin decided to get in on the action by lying on the activity book.  Good thing we had already copied down our characters.
Next, we carved our tablets using a paper clip.

Here's Red with our finished products.  Mine is the dark brown one and hers is tan.  

We're going to use mine for an upcoming project called "Why Do Clay Tablets Last Longer Than Paper"?, but first we have to make hieroglyphic scrolls.  With all the rain we've been getting, we might make those today.  Happy Friday everyone!

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Jenny said...

Very cool! We just finished listening to this section in the car with the audio SOTW. I feel like we can be arm-chair activity bookers by following along on your blog.