Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good times in Illinois

My "cousin" Amy and I go way back.  I think we're 3rd cousins (our grandparents were cousins), but we've been friends pretty much always.  Our moms were bridesmaids in each other's weddings.  Her mom and dad are my little sister's godparents.  Amy was a bridesmaid in my wedding.  Our relationship tends to ebb (the high school years) and flow (we spent a LOT of time together in our early 20s), but we always end up hanging out again.  This past week I visited Amy's family at her home in Illinois.  They've been living there for three years after moving up from Orlando, but this was our first time visiting.  I was a little concerned about Red and Tom Thumb getting along with her 3 year old son Brody, but I shouldn't have worried.  They got along great!  The first day we went to the zoo.  Their dolphin show was pretty awesome.

They had a stingray exhibit where you could pet the stingrays.  Natalie and Brody were amazed!  Tom Thumb wasn't so interested.

We also got to see the monkeys.
Unfortunately, that was the extent of our zoo trip because we spent 2 hours in the car stuck in traffic (accidents---eek!) on the way to the zoo.  The kids were pretty tolerant, but clearly exhausted.  Here's a shot 15 minutes after the zoo departure.
The next day we took a train ride to a neighboring suburb.  The kids loved it!

I think we'll be back for another visit soon!

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