Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reading Eggs

We're currently on a trial basis with and Red LOVES it.  It seems to be a step up from in that it doesn't allow you to have every word read to you.  She likes earning the eggs to buy things for her avatar (in her case, it's a fish with sunglasses wearing a cape).  She wants her next purchase to be a "gas blower" (i.e. a lava lamp)--- ha ha! 

We're four days into the new schedule and it seems to be going really well.  Today is supposed to be HS group/outing/game day.  Since I had my procedure with the doc today (it went well) not much happened until around 4PM when I was finally up and around.  She and I played Can Do Kangaroo and had a grand time until it was time for dinner.  Tomorrow is supposed to be Craft Day.  She wants to make chess pieces out of stuff you find outside.  She found it in a nature craft book we have out from the library.  And no, she does not know how to play chess.  This ought to be interesting...

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