Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The New Plan

After getting suggestions on The Well Trained Mind forum ranging from bribe her to completely stop doing anything, I've decided on somewhere in the middle.  I bought a bunch of new art supplies (i.e. finger paint, tempera paint, colored pencils and crayons) and some stickers.  My new plan is to make each day of the week a theme day --- Monday is Art, Tuesday is Library, Wednesday is Baking, Thursday is Outing/Games, Friday is Craft.  So far this week we did a decorate a book bag craft at the library, went to story hour, finger painted, and baked banana bread.  We also managed to do one math and one reading lesson.  The strategy now is for now to do one 15 minute lesson each per week (with the reward of glittery Tinkerbell, puffy My Little Pony, or Dora stickers) or more if she asks.  She's only going to be in Kindergarten.  I need to focus most on play and habit training, followed by creative and imitation activities, THEN any academic work.  I think I (and a lot of other homeschooling parents from what I've seen) feel like their kid needs to be producing something in order to feel like their making progress.  It's just not the case.  We'll see how this goes.  The Tale of Despereaux has been AWESOME.  We'll probably wrap that one up tonight.

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