Friday, June 8, 2012

Peace Sign Birthday Cake

I have to admit that it feels kind of weird posting after all this time.  As an update, the Phoenician purple dye project was an epic fail in terms of actually producing a long lasting purple color on anything.  No purple fabric.  No purple pasta.  It pretty much ended up this odd lavender grey color that was anything but color fast.  Kind of disappointing, but the kids didn't care.

I've spent my blogging hiatus doing a lot of work at Red's school and not a lot of housekeeping.  Ha ha!  I can't even tell you how many loads are lurking in my Mt. Everest of laundry.  I'm just happy to have everyone in clean underwear still.  At some point, I might post a few things about what I've been up to (including painting over 20 posters with Egyptian art for Red's ancient Egypt cultural play that was performed at school on May 31st.  Oy!  I just can't say no!), but for now it's all about Red's birthday.  

Tomorrow is her 7th birthday party with her friends and she is having a peace sign themed party.  Who knows why this kid loves peace signs so much, but she is addicted!  She has peace sign decals on the walls of her room, a peace sign backpack and lunch box, and draws them on everything!  So it was decided she would do a peace sign party.  We ordered all the goods from Oriental Trading.  Here are the cute paper goods and favors.  The favor is a peace sign tote bag with a peace sign bucket hat, a peace necklace, and a rainbow lollipop.  
I found this awesome method online of making the inside of the birthday cake look tie dyed.  While the original recipe maker made the recipe fat free, I had no need to do that (my children are sticks as it is) so I just made up two boxes of white cake mix as Betty Crocker intended and then colored them.  Here are the results after coloring:
It pretty much ended up being a little over one cup per color.  Then I put them into the two cake pans in rainbow color order---red then orange then yellow in one pan, purple then blue then green in the other pan.
It baked up CRAZY tall  (I guess that's what happens when you put 2 boxes of cake mix in two pans that are only intended to hold one box) so I had to level them a bit before I stacked the layers.  

Red wanted the cake to look like a peace sign.  My solution ---> SKITTLES!  I frosted the cake with white buttercream frosting, divided the Skittles by color and then mosaic-ed them to the top of the cake.  Love the results!
The party plan for tomorrow is eating cheese pizza, veggies and dip, fruit salad, and tie dye peace cake.  Then, we're going to make these cute peace backpack clippies (another Oriental Trading find).  Here's the sample I made to show the kids:
Then, it's presents and PLAY!  Tomorrow's supposed to be sunny but hot so I'm hoping for the best.  Counting the days until school is out!


HDNelson said...

Oh!! Love the tye-dye cake idea! How neat! Might you post a pic when the cake is cut?

Fairy Tale Mama said...

Absolutely! I want to see what it actually looks like on the inside myself. :-)

Michelle Martin said...

My little ladybug had a fabulous time! You are the most creative woman I know!

I want to publicly apologize! I left the house yesterday at 8:30am and did not return until 8pm. Between school stuff, school party, after school pool party, having an extra kid for dinner and then taking 3 little Karate kids to their promotion party - I am sorry that I never phoned you back.

Love you, my friend.

Jenny said...

Love it!!!!

Teaching Stars said...

That is one groovy cake!