Saturday, June 9, 2012

A peace party and the inside of the tie dye cake..

The party is over---phew!  Now Red is off with her friend's family at a soccer game and Tom Thumb is tucked away with his blue blankie for a nap.  The party was a big hit with the kids, but I think it's the first and last time I'll do a party as the only adult.  It was rough having to do all the backyard clean up and cooking alone.  The Cobbler is working at an event right now and has been gone from 7AM until 9PM for the past few days.  That schedule is going to continue through Tuesday except now he's staying the night at a hotel too so he's not home at all.  It may not have been my most brilliant plan ever to throw a party while he's on that schedule.  I know better for next time.

So...we ate our lunch and then we ate our cake.
For those of you waiting to see the inside of the cake (I couldn't wait to see it myself!), I give you the big reveal ----

The kids were amazed by it!  Quite frankly, I was amazed by it!  So easy and yet so cool!  Everyone also enjoyed making the peace sign key chain clips, although I had to do a lot of the pipe cleaner twisting.  The best part of the whole party was watching the kids sitting in the grass playing with Red's presents wearing their peace sign hats and licking their rainbow lollipops as the party wound down.  

Now I'm off to have a huge glass of water (it's hot out there, man!) and taking a breather.  Who wants to have a beer with me later? ;-)


HDNelson said...

Thank you! That looks really, really cool! Glad the party was a success!

Carri said...

Cake looks awesome!

Teaching Stars said...

LOVE it!! A feast for the eyes and the mouth!

Teaching Stars said...

Aren't you due for a blog post? ;)