Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A new reading practice plan for Red

First grade has turned out to be much more intense than I anticipated.  I really don't remember it being this crazy when I was 6!  Red has homework nearly every night.  In addition, her teacher has requested that she read to me 15-20 minutes each evening.  Before we were only doing read alouds at bedtime.  With everything we already have going on, what's a mama to do?

I finally figured out what we're going to try and we gave it a shot for the first time last night.  I picked out two books for her at the library this week that are at her reading level.  I gave her the choice of Catwings or Sarah Plain and Tall.  She chose Catwings and read me a chapter last night.  I asked her some quick comprehension questions about the story (i.e. What's the name of the kittens' mom?  What's different about the kittens?  Why does their mother want them to leave the neighborhood?).  Then I read her a chapter of Princess Academy, the new read aloud chapter book we just started.  I'm hopeful that this new reading plan will work for us and help her reading improve even more.  

What do you do for reading practice at your house?

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Sock Monkey Mommy said...

Zoe does this book-it program at her school. They are required to read 20 minutes to color in a piece of pizza. The total number of minutes must be 400 by the end of the month, thus equaling a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut.

Obviously not every night does this work. However, each night that it is possible I do the following:

Zoe must choose two books to read to me from the vast amount we have of books, and then choose one for me to read (we have been doing stories from the Princess Treasury. Evie also gets to choose two books to read (which I do most of the reading). This easily adds up to 20 minutes, and works well with the required time.

All other homework has to be worked into the evening. Many times that homework is reading (stories from her reading book at school), so it all works out. She also has a weekly spelling test and Bible memory verse that we try and make exciting each day as well.

I think you are doing an amazing job! :)