Thursday, September 15, 2011

Making the veil for my sister's wedding...

I've been gradually working on my little sister Christy's veil for her wedding in October over the last month.  I made the veil itself a few weeks ago using McCalls 3508, which is an old pattern my mom had.  Here's the picture from the pattern envelope of the view that I made (without the ribbon attached to the border.  Christy wanted the edge raw):
She tried it on when she was in town for Labor Day weekend.  She liked it, but asked if I could sew Swarovski crystals all over it in a random pattern.  I searched the web high and low for a good DYI on how to sew Swarovski crystals to tulle properly, and I think I found the best tutorial ever.  If you ever find yourself needing to sew crystals to tulle, this link has everything you need to know.

I started sewing them on last night and I seriously thought I wanted to slit my wrists for agreeing to do it.  I was sitting there in front of the TV watching a Glee rerun while cursing.  Finally, the Cobbler said, "Do you think you might have an easier time doing this in the daylight?"  Always the voice of reason, he was right.  I got about half the crystals sewn on this afternoon during Tom Thumb's nap.  Check it out:
We're making some good progress.  I have about 20 more to sew on and we'll be good to go.  Yay!

On a unrelated note, I think summer is officially over.  Red and Tom Thumb collected the remains of our tomato harvest last night.  Sniff, sniff...

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Sock Monkey Mommy said...

You Rock! That veil is lovely! :)