Thursday, August 25, 2011

A revelation in lunch packing technology!

It's a rite of passage every year --- the new backpack and lunch box.  This year Red is all about peace signs and when she saw this backpack in the Garnet Hill catalog she had to have it.  I wasn't super excited about the price ($30) until they had a promotion where they threw the matching lunch box in for free.  I ended up buying one for Tom Thumb too in a robot print.  You can't really tell in the picture, but part of what sold me on it is that the lunch box clips right to the backpack.  Too easy!

Next, I had to figure out how I was going to pack that lunch box.  I'm not a huge fan of using Ziploc bags because I hate the trash it creates.  Initially, I thought it would awesome to get her the bento box from Pottery Barn Kids, but then I saw all the complaints in the reviews about it not being liquid tight and that the quality was shabby.  Then, I made a fantastic discovery --- the square divided Lock & Lock container.  It was about $5 for the container.  I bought four so I could have one in the lunch and one in the dishwasher for each kid.  It's my dream --- reusable, air and liquid tight, and it's like a bento box!  Check this out.  Here it is closed inside the lunch box.  I figure I still have enough room in there for a drink container and a piece of fruit if I scoot the container off to one side.
Then you take off the lid by lifting the flaps that are on all four sides.
Inside it is divided into four areas.
But wait!  You can also have one big area with two smaller ones.
Or just one big box with no dividers!
Did I say how much I love this thing?  I seriously can't wait to pack a lunch in it.  
I know --- I'm crazy!   But look at this --- a lady who posted a product review on their website actually uploaded a photo of her lunch packed in it.  
Looks good to me. :-)

Today is a new day in the life of Tom Thumb.  It will be his first play date by himself.  Red has always had lots of friends in the neighborhood because all the neighbor kids were close to her age.  Unfortunately, there are only two kids Tom Thumb's age in the whole neighborhood and today they play!  My little guy is growing up.  Sniffle, sniffle...

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Jenny said...

It's all well and good until the lunch box is lost at school and then you are staring at the backpack for the rest of the year annoyed that the matching lunchbox is missing. :)

In our case, we had a Star Wars lunch box last year with matching thermos, which then broke. I got a replacement thermos that was blue. My son was pretty peeved.