Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Updates on heat, "paper towels" & other frugal musings

You may recall this post when I decided to turn down the thermostat in an effort to save money for my sister's wedding.  Here's the update...

Drum roll please...

We saved $30 on our bill last month vs. last year same time period!  Based on my initial projections from the thermostat calculator from the post linked above matching closely with our actual savings, we're right on target to save this year around the cost of a bridesmaid dress--- ha ha!
And no, this still isn't the dress.

What's really great about it is that we're not suffering.  We're not freezing cold!  In fact, when my husband told me last night about the savings I said, "Well, I guess we won't be saving that money anymore because didn't you turn it back up to 68 when we got home from vacation?"  He said, "No, it's still at 64.  I guess we're just used to it now."  I can't believe it!

You may also remember when we got rid of the paper towels.  It's been about two weeks now, and with a few exceptions it seems to be working out.  Here are the exceptions:

  • Greasing pans - I always use a paper towel when I grease a pan.  Maybe I can switch to wax paper or sandwich bag and leave it in the can of shortening?  If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know.
  • Cleaning up cat puke - I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY I'm going to clean up cat puke with a cloth and then let it hang out until I have time to do laundry.  I may have to keep one roll around just for the occasions that the cats decide to cough up their breakfast on the rug.

My latest frugal adventure may involve making some of these.  How cool is that?  I have so much extra fabric lying around that it would be a cinch to whip some of these up to replace sandwich bags---except for the one going in the shortening can. :-)

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