Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tom Thumb's Airplane Quilt Meets the Princess and the Pea

I have been feverishly sewing away on Tom Thumb's airplane quilt with his help.  He is so excited about it that he will sit on my lap in front of the sewing machine for up to a half hour and push the buttons for me to make the sewing machine stop and go.  I don't know what he loves more---getting more of the quilt done or pushing the buttons.  I think the buttons are probably the big winners...

The quilt top is done.  Here it is---

This is the first time I've ever done anything with stars so I'm pretty proud.  What worked out really awesome is that each block has a different airplane in the center of it.  Now I have to figure out what I'm doing for the pillow shams so I know what I have leftover to use to piece the back together.  Having this done by June is looking more and more likely.  Yay!

Since I've been spending all this time working on the airplane quilt (pretty much every free moment), Red decided she wanted a quilt for her bed too.  There are some fabrics from Heather Ross's Far Far Away line that I have been dying to use so what a perfect opportunity!  Here are the fabrics I've bought so far---
 I love Rapunzel in the tower.

I couldn't resist the owl and the pussycat and the unicorn.  Red loves the birdies and trees.

I can't believe I actually cut the princess and the pea fabric.  To be honest, I was scared to cut it.  It's the most money I've ever spent per yard (I spent $10 on this fat quarter!).  I couldn't help myself!  More updates soon!


Che said...

I seriously cannot WAIT to see these up close and personal next week! :)

The Reader said...

Wow! You are quite talented! Am going to follow your blog now just so I can see updates on these! (I found you from a link on the WTM boards).

I love that the airplane quilt is something your son won't outgrow for a while; very grown up looking rather than a babyish airplane quilt. Good job!