Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween and everything else...

Halloween was much fun this year.  Here's our Tom Thumb Dragon getting ready to trick or treat.  I tried to upload some other photos, but my blog is refusing to load them...maybe later.  Halloween was loads of fun.  That night "The Sugar Sweet Fairy" came and picked up their excess candy (we let them each keep 5 pieces) and traded it out for a Tangled doll for Red and a Percy train for Tom Thumb.  Well worth it as far as I'm concerned.  We're trying really hard right now to keep a cavity at bay for Red.

School is still going well for Red.  We're still plugging away at OPGTR and we're at lesson 113 now.  Yay!  We're doing some writing practice and a wee bit of math.  I wish I had more to report, but we've had some sickness going around in our house that has been holding us back from doing much. 

Happy November to all!

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