Sunday, June 27, 2010

She read an ENTIRE BOOK!

I am just beside myself.  Red read an entire book today!  Yay!  Granted, I was on hand to assist with the more difficult words, but she did it.  We ended up reading almost every book in the library bag today (and it's a BIG bag.  See the number of books on the Read Aloud page with a completion date of today.  And that's not all that we read!  We read a big chunk of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh too.) because Tom Thumb was being a turkey this morning and I pulled a muscle in my back while wrestling him into time out. Thus, we couldn't go anywhere, which ended up being okay because we were under a tornado warning most of the afternoon. Thus, lots of book reading. 

I had checked out the Dr. Seuss book Fox in Socks at the library this past week.  Red brought it to me and asked me to read it.  I told her, "You know these words.  Why don't you read it?  I'll help if you get stuck."  It's a pretty sizeable book for an easy reader.  It took us quite a while --- maybe 15-20 minutes to read the whole thing with pauses to figure out unfamiliar words.  She's on around lesson 80 in OPGTR so she hasn't had lessons about "ee" or "-ough" or "ea" or "ew" or "ow" so we had to stop and learn some phonics rules as we went along.  The last few pages were a struggle because she was a little weary, but she wanted to finish so we plowed though and did it. 

Daddy was so proud that he suggested a Dairy Queen run as a treat so that's what we did.  Cones with sprinkles all around!

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