Monday, March 29, 2010

Neither deceptive nor delicious...

I recently purchased the Deceptively Delicious cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld on the recommendation of one my friends whose children refuse to eat vegetables.  My children don't refuse, but are picky.  And who couldn't use a few more vegetables in their diet, right?

Last night I made the banana bread recipe which includes a 1/2 cup of cauliflower puree.  It should have clued me in when the baking bread had a distinct scent of cauliflower.  The Cobbler and I tried it last night and had a good laugh.  Granted, it wasn't completely horrific if you weren't thinking it was supposed to taste like banana bread.  This morning Red ate it and said, "Why does this not taste like banana?  Next time put banana in it, Mommy."  (Keep in mind that there were TWO bananas in it)  Tom Thumb ate it, but insisted that every piece was doused in honey.  So much for the cookbook.  I wonder how the brownies are with spinach in them...maybe not.


Mary said...

At the las homeschool mom's coffee I attended, the hostess actually made the Spinach brownies and they WERE quite good! She also made the chocolate pudding with the avacados and it was excellent and delicious. However, when she sprinkled powdered sugar on the pudding the sugar turned green! LOL

Fairy Tale Mama said...'ve convinced me, Mary. Maybe I should test them at my next Mom's Night Out :-)