Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome back to school!

Red and Tom Thumb hug themselves on the first day of school, not each other.

No blogging = one crazy summer.  Unfortunately, I spent a lot of the summer trying to get them to keep their hands to themselves.  Judging from the above photo, I may have succeeded a little too well.

Today was Tom Thumb's first day of school ever.  He is in kindergarten!  Believe it or not, today was like Christmas morning for the little guy.  He was so excited to go to school.  I hope that enthusiasm stays with him throughout the school year.

Here are some more first day photos:

I've already had a couple of moms who still have kids at home ask me what I'm going to do with myself with both kids in school.  I assured them that I will find something....I will definitely find something.

Happy first day to all those starting school everywhere!

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Carri said...

OMG! I can't believe your little guy is in school already. They are both growing up so fast. I love Red's dress!