Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here's my grocery list, Mom...

Last night, Red was complaining to me about how I never send money with her to school to buy snacks.  I'm really picky about what I want the kids eating and the "snacks" offered in her school cafeteria include a variety of chips and gummy fruit snacks.  In an effort to compromise, I said that when I make up our next grocery list she could tell me what she wanted me to buy for her lunches.  Our scanner is on the fritz right now so I can't post a photo of the original list, but here is a type written version of the list she emerged with about ten minutes after our conversation.  I have corrected the phonetic spellings for the ease of your reading:

Propel Zero Water
Candy and graham crackers
Sun chips flavor cheese
Purple foot wine for you or another kind
spicy chocolate
yogurt from Yoplait
thing for shoe for the dolls
things for star of the week poster
knitting kit
Puffs Plus tissues
Blanket or things to make blankets
more super friend coloring books
Books like rainbow magic
costumes for me and tom thumb
thing for doll clothes
thing for my wall
patches for my snow pants
decorations for the inside
decorations for fan
jewelry making kit
thing to decorate my closet
princess pink paint from either lowes or home depot
computer for me in my room

What is this?  A grocery list or a Christmas list?!?!?  I was especially amused by the addition of a bottle of wine for me and the thinly veiled request for me to paint her bedroom.  Is she really planning on decorating her ceiling fan and closet?  Only time will tell...

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Eddie said...

That's hilarious! I love how kids' minds work. I think my favourite is the name-brand you think they fit into "school lunch" or "Wish list"?!