Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back from Tennessee. On to...

...Vermont.  We spent last weekend at a fabulous family reunion in Tennessee at my cousin's HUGE house.  There were nine of us staying there as guests (everyone else was in hotels), but they could have fit a lot more.  Red and Tom Thumb had a grand time bonding with their cousins, running, jumping, skinning knees, swimming in the neighborhood pool, and generally keeping me awake at all hours.  On night #1 (we stayed 3 nights), Mr. Thumb and I were supposed to be sharing a full size bed while Red was on the air mattress on the floor.  He kicked and slapped me so many times in his sleep that I ended up on the bare floor covered up with a bath towel for the night.  Not much sleep was had.  Luckily, I brought another air mattress with me so he got the bed to himself for the rest of the trip.  So much for sleeping with a two year old.  Ouch!

So we leave for Vermont on Friday or Saturday for another family trip.  This time it is to camp with the Cobbler's family.  We opted out of the camping part and are staying in a cottage just outside the entrance to the state park that everyone else is in.  I'm not quite ready to take the plunge into tent/lean to camping yet for a full week.  It should be a good time once we get past the 11 hour drive there.

Here's some of our family reunion photos:

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